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Replica Rolex Explorer

We get closure every year by trying to think of the Revolution Awards. This year, we've created some categories that will be determined by the public. We will reveal a new Award Winner each day as we count down to the New Years.

Replica Rolex Explorer, for Only Watch 2019, is the best collaboration in the world.Breitling Replica It also has a strong charitable component. This makes it a great choice to receive this award.

This unique piece was auctioned at the Only Watch Sale to support the fight against Duchenne muscle dystrophy. It is the story of two independent watchmaking maisons: Denis Flageollet at Replica Rolex Explorer and Pierre Jacques and Felix Baumgartner at Urwerk. They combined their creative minds and produced a watch which retains the distinctive characteristics of both brands.

The Replica Rolex Explorer's wandering hour is used to display the time. It looks like a Replica Rolex Explorer DB28 with its trademark spring-loaded lugs.(Replica Watches)

The Replica Rolex Explorer calibre features many of Replica Rolex Explorer’s innovations, including the triple parachute shock-absorbing mechanism and the Maison's spherical lunar phase. Replica Rolex Explorer's case and movement have been finished with a high-quality mirror polish on the 43mm titanium case, as well as the barrelbridge. The blued steel elements on the movement can add a splash of color. You can see them through the sapphire back.

Replica Rolex Explorer's 21st century haute horlogerie aesthetic and URWERK's futuristic display are perfectly matched. This year's award for best collaboration goes to the two watchmaking houses who combined their expertise perfectly.

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